I sat next to a first year Uni student at an event.

He was doing engineering and he told me quite frankly he hated it!!! He was wondering what to do with his life.

This is not an uncommon story. I usually see the adult version of this person in my clinic…. Many years after a long and full career, something happens inside.

It sounds like this…

“How did I get here?”

“I’m depressed”

“Life has no meaning”

“I hate my job but I don’t know why … anyone else would love this”

“I lack direction… I don’t know what I want to do or what I should do”

“I’m doing nothing at work… because I procrastinate’

“My attention wanders”

“I’m not that excited about my work, but I should be”

And then the big one…

“Yes! I have been spoken to about bad performance”

Work takes up so much of our lives, why do people stay trapped in jobs they hate?

…Because they don’t know what else to do.

Why do students start degrees they don’t like?

… Because they haven’t a clue about what they want to be when they grow up … and actually, the degree isn’t what they thought it would be.

…Why don’t people just do the work, the course, the studies, the tasks even when they hate it?

…Because that is HARD!!

Many people don’t know what else to do as a career, a job or as a course of study.

They find themselves stuck as an adult in a 9-5 job that isn’t fulfilling and it certainly isn’t aligned with who they are at their deepest core.

We know inside we have to face the reality that we HATE what we do…but facing that brings on fear… and no one likes fear … so we avoid looking at the issue and we continue in daily limbo, performing tasks that don’t give us a sense of purpose and meaning.

The thought of leaving brings on fear when you don’t know what else to do.

The thought of starting over again and jumping into something different, brings on worry thoughts and anxious thoughts and an internal struggle. We push away those worry thoughts … and we go on, day after day, hoping and wishing and dreaming of a break through.

The lack of decision making keeps us trapped in our worry and our sad emotions. Feelings of emptiness, sadness peek through and a lack of motivation becomes obvious in our behaviour and performance. Our feelings try to tell us something… Hey … You out there!!” your work isn’t working for you” but… are you even listening?

There is another way

Ask yourself- What are my strengths? What has enabled me to be fulfilled in the past?

  • Are you a strategic person?
  • A people person?
  • A get it done now/ action person? or
  • An I’m in charge / follow me type person?

This is the starting question that enables you to unpack your innate genius.

When you tap into this, your life takes on a direction that aligns with who you are and your life meaning and purpose… and with that bundle comes a heap of excitement and joy.

When you align yourself with your strengths, you excel and your happiness level and productivity get a boost!!

Don’ wait till you complete your degree, your journey, the year…or whatever other excuse you are giving yourself.


What are my strengths? Talk to a coach that will help you uncover your core talent, and start planning your happy future.

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