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What do you do if your partner won’t join you in couples therapy?


Are you simply not ready for couples therapy ? Do you want a great option at a reduced cost? 

Don’t despair. I have you covered with all the education and learning you need in the courses and resources library.

You can take action now by immersing yourself in specialised content straight from the therapy room and in the privacy of your own home. Inside the library, you’ll find resources on the most common problems that my clients tell me are their pain points. Everything from communication and conflict to trust building and repair.

Learn the different types of relationships, what makes up a toxic relationship, respectful relationships and why you might have relationship anxiety.  

The courses and resources library includes courses, e-books and implementation exercises to do alone or together. There are  couples quizzes, questions to ask your partner all in time-efficient bite-sized “nuggets”. This comprehensive training is designed to help you build or maintain a thriving relationship. Why?

Because you need to do something now to make things better. I can help you.

Try the educational resources, read the blog, and listen to the podcast. Help is here.

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Relationship courses

Relationship Courses: access these FREE resources

Great education & learning tools 

Start your learning journey with a complimentary training course.

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Learn & grow through tailored relationship programs.

Discover a range of essential tools and skills with guided instructions to build better relationship skills.

Find answers to common relationship problems and conflict topics.

Participate in GROW, a 3-part life changing program that is your personal and relational evolution.

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What my clients say..

I’ve been seeing Iman with my partner for a few times now. We’ve found it really helpful to just talk about things clearly and we’ve noticed a really good difference already. I’m so very happy and highly recommend her. (Client – RM)

“I honestly came in with no expectations but was extremely moved after just the first session. Iman got to know about me quickly and helped me realise what I needed in my life. I am forever grateful for this important change in my life and would happily recommend to anyone!”


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