Individual Relationship Therapy,  for You

Learn about the types of relationships, relationship anxiety and become clear on what you are looking for.


Yes relationships can be complicated.

But you don’t have to be confused or complicated.

If you’re sick of dating then disappointment…

If you’re confused by repeated patterns of hurt, rejection and relationships that spiral into betrayal and failure …

If you’re wondering if you’ll ever find love or learn to love again…

It’s time to discover the science of you and create a long-lasting loving relationship.

Know your style in love, with individual relationship therapy that helps you to –

✔ Dig deep to know who you are,
✔ How you do relationships,
✔ Why you do what you do.

Most importantly you will overcome past hurts and uncover unconscious blocks that may be in the way of healthier, stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

Know you Learn to love or love again.

Grow a thriving relationship.

What my clients say..

Iman is a beautiful soul that cares, her insight, wisdom, and skill will provide you with an opportunity for change.

Thank you so much for your assistance, Iman.

“I wanted to say thank you for yesterday it’s the most understanding I’ve had given to me about my patterns and relational issues. I feel like you really help me work on my truths and authenticity and trusting my self.”

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