I ran a marathon and it was gruelling. Every step of huff  ‘n’ puff filled me with energy…until the last 5 k.

Just one step

I had no more to give but that white line that signalled the end was nowhere in sight.

As I pushed my legs to carry on for one more step and then another, I managed to complete the marathon with the mantra of just one step etched in my mind.

It was my crowd

But what really helped me finish the long arduous run, was the crowd.

Right at the end near the Sydney Opera house, there were people gathered, lots of people, cheering, clapping, waving and whistling, all with one goal in mind, to push me on.  To give me just that little bit of energy I needed to cross the white line.

The cheering, pulled me forward to the finish line and it felt like I was doing it with them.

It wasn’t about me, it was us

In my peripheral vision I could see the smiles and the flags waving, I could smell the excitement and the energy was contagious and palpable.

I finished. I made it. I crossed the line victorious and elated and with an exhausted smile.

Your pain makes you feel alone

In life, you may be challenged by something. It feels big, raw and ugly and it hurts.

Emotional pain makes you feel alone.

Sometimes you’re embarrassed to talk about what hurts. It feels like you are the only one suffering with this pain and you want to keep it covered and just keep yourself busy.

Life’s busyness and looking the other way

Your brain tells you to look away, turn away in the opposite direction and look to where life’s busyness keeps you from feeling what hurts inside.

You kid yourself that you are busy, with work, with TV, with social activity, with family …just busy, busy, busy ..doing ANYTHING that keeps you from stopping to FEEL that internal pain. The hunger that demands to be unleashed.

Your emotions hurt and you need you to talk and to feel and to open up up to someone you can trust.

But where do you turn?

when it feels like there is no one? It feels like you are alone. You partner doesn’t listen, your work mates don’t really care and the alone-ness grips you.

Your peripheral vision

…and you’re not alone.

You are not alone

You can find your crowd

Your coach

Your friend

Your mentor

Your tribe to cheer you on and with the combined energy, it really is that much easier to overcome the challenges, the hurdles and to heal the pain.

When you look to the side- use your peripheral vision, you’ll find others. Some are running the race with you, others are cheering you on. They are there on the sideline and they want you to win, smile and be happy.

Your focus

When your vision is out of focus, you can’t see the help around you.

Sometimes you need a hand to show you a different landscape, a different frame, a different mindset or to connect you with what is already beautiful inside of you.

A coach and counsellor

A coach or counsellor can help. Together we can we clear your blocks, unpack your mind and we can applaud your wins.

Champion your success and push you to the finish line.

You just need to use your peripheral vision.

Help is here.

Iman Iskander is a Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in Sydney. She is passionate about interactional intelligence -between people and within each person. She specialises in human interactions, mindful relationships and self-mastery. Iman holds engaging workshops for the public and in the corporate sector  in Sydney CBD.

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