Some people are surprised when I tell them my business name and I’ve concluded that it may be confronting for some.

The conversation goes like this…

My new business name is culture of care
Because that name accurately speaks to my values and it’s what I want to build in people’s homes and in the workplace.
Care? in the workplace? Do you really think that’s what’s needed? What about Productivity? …Engagement? …Excellence?

And my response is …
“when you have genuine care, not the tick- a- box variety, you get productivity, engagement and excellence and so much more”.

What is workplace care?

Does your employer have to give you flowers and birthday cards? Or do they exchange hugs on your 1 year anniversary? Is that real care? I Think Not!

Care is your company’s personality and this is shaped by the words and interactions between people at work…the gestures and respectful language that is heartfelt and genuine. A Care Culture  communicates “I’m privileged to work here around such awesome people”.
Care is the policies and procedures that are people centred. The organization is all its  people and not the ABN. Without the fuel, there is no fire and the people are the essential fuel that keeps an organisation alive.

Care is not just injury management programs and early intervention when an incident occurs, it’s the injury prevention strategies, it’s the step before work health and safety.

Let me explain…My version of Care is NOT about legislation and NOT about compliance. Care speaks to our humanity and compassion and kindness. It has a place at home and it DOES have a place at work too. It sits in organisational whole person, Wellbeing programs and HR policies that are truly about enabling people… I mean the whole person…not just the work bits.