If you want to make long-lasting changes in your life, then go ahead and change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

To change your life change your brain

The field of brain science and cognitive neuropsychology has advanced tremendously in recent years and we now know how to change the way you show up in this world.

If you want the good stuff – all those positive states and feelings, like empathy, happiness, calm, and joy then you may need to change your mind and install these qualities in the brain.

To change your mind, change your brain and the goodwill be hardwired to make long-lasting changes. Neurons in the brain build new pathways to make it easier for you to achieve the state or feeling that you desire.

What is your norm?

You have lots of pathways in the brain that directly map your consciously or unconsciously chosen thoughts, and behaviours.

Your response to situations in your world -whether you respond with sadness, anger, and stress or calmness, joy and love, is hardwiring that pattern in your brain so it becomes the default way of responding- the norm.

Changing your brain requires purposeful action towards the good qualities that you desire.

the behaviours you no longer desire and the emotions you do not choose to cultivate simply drop off through the brain’s natural pruning system.


This allows pathways for patterns that we no longer use to drop off or weaken. These undesirable patterns and longer are your default patterns.

The brain tries to make it easier for you to install what you use repeatedly and let go of those things that don’t serve your natural evolutionary growth. So what you don’t use drops off. You can purposefully choose to let go of patterns of behavior, thought, or feelings that don’t serve you and install patterns that work in your life. To learn how, come to do this, join me in a workshop, where I teach the scientific basis on to cultivate the good stuff.

Mindful presence and mediation is one way of cultivating the good qualities that will serve you in life.

What the video below to learn more.

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