This is for couples considering a life together.

Whether you’re intending to marry or cohabit,  you will learn essential skills to keep your relationship strong and resilient.

In this program, you will be invited to take an online assessment.

The inventory focuses on broad areas for couples such as:-

  • Relationship dynamics
  • Couple patterns and
  • Family patterns and
  • Individual personality

The questions broadly cover significant issues for couples. There are questions about cultural issues, parenting, faith, forgiveness, commitment, cohabitation, and previous relationships.

In addition, because science informs everything I do, the inventory has been scientifically developed to have high levels of reliability, validity, and clinical utility. So you can be sure it’s not just a random series of questions.

Once the questionnaire is complete, I will show you how to use the comprehensive results so they are valuable to you.

You will receive information and knowledge that facilitates a meaningful and easy conversation between the two of you.

The goal is for you to be able to move forward in your relationship with a deeper understanding of your strengths and how to use and leverage your unique qualities as a couple, to overcome potential challenges.

There are 22 areas assessed so that you have lots of information on your own strengths and coupledom.

If you’re interested in joining a group to discuss your findings and learn from other people’s experiences, that option will be open to you if you want it. You don’t have to say anything or do anything that you don’t want – of course!

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