The Seven Principles for Making Marriage

If you want a great book that quickly summarises what you need to do to keep your marriage alive. This book is for you.

The book is written by Dr John Gottman, who is an eminent researcher and leader in the field of couples therapy. Together with his wide Dr Julie Schwartz-Gottman, the Gottman’s have evolved our understanding of what makes marriage work through research, training, books and a scientifically validated model of couples therapy known as The Gottman Method. The core of the Gottman therapy model is outlined in this book for couples to read and implement themselves.

The Gottman teachings are divided into 7 key areas or principles that build on each other to create effective, harmonious relationships and a blossoming love between partners. The book starts by debunking the myths about marriage so you can start your learning with a new and fresh perspective.

What works well, is picking up this book and then attending The Gottman training program called “the seven principles to make marriage work”. It’s a one day workshop on those exact principles and a great chance to boost your learning in a safe environment where you can have all your questions answered, by me. Ask me how.