This show is about conscious living and mindful relationships. It’s about peace and passion. Whether you’re wanting to become relationship ready, in a stable relationship or married, there’s nuggets of know- how here for you. There’s no need to feel stuck or confused, you’ll learn all about building more connection, care and confidence as well as peace and love in your relationships. Why ? so you can be even happier and even more skillful.

There are two premises: Our relationships are pointers to our growth edge and We know ourselves through our relationships. Our life is a gentle evolution

couple therapy, couple counseling. marriage therapy

Is Your Partner Cheating | Episode 14

Have you ever been suspicious of your partner’s activities? Have you ever been accused of

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couple counselling, couples therapy, marriage counselling,

How to Show Love | Episode 13

What is love? It’s being desired and wanted, being understood and  being known. Where you

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marriage counseling, couples therapy

Conversation with Barbe Chambliss: How To Be A Conscious Peacemaker | Episode 12

 Barbe Chambliss is a professional mediator of 40 years and a couples therapist in

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relationship, couple counseling, marriage counseling

How Negativity Ruins Your Relationship | Episode 11

 This episode is all about how love starts strong and then negativity may set

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Why We Need Mindfulness in Love Relationships | Episode 10

Have you ever wondered how love relationships can improve by injecting mindful awareness? As a

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dont take side to enemy, taking sides, relationship. couple counselling

Taking sides | Episode 9

 An enemy is anybody that your partner is complaining about. Sally’s boss challenged her

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The Walking Dead

Conversation with Jason – Your Relationship With Work | Episode 8

This is a guest interview with Jason. It’s about the relationship you have with your

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How to Get Your Partner to Listen | Episode 07

 This episode is all about how blow-ups happen between couples. Differences between people in

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Are you prepared for couples therapy | Episode 06

The work of couples therapy is about understanding how you can do things differently to

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4 Stages of Development for Intimate Relationships

The 4 Stages of Development for Intimate Relationships | Episode 05

 We all want more than functional relationships, but our intimate partner relationships evolve and

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Conversation with Beverley Bescher – finding your love online | Episode 04

 This episode is a guest interview with Beverly Bescher, a life coach from the

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Relationships shouldn’t be this hard | Episode 03

 If you’ve ever had the thought “relationships shouldn’t be this hard” it might be

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Dealing with the busyness and buzz of christmas | Episode 02

 This episode is about your relationship with yourself. I talk about being busy, rushing

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Welcome to the Peace and Passion with Iman podcast

 Welcome to the Peace and Passion podcast - a show about conscious living and

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