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How to Show Love | Episode 13

What is love? It’s being desired and wanted, being understood and  being known. Where you are known, understood and seen, with all your wobbles and woes and all your problems, imperfections and even your failures and  find that special someone, is still there loving  you, it’s magic.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way in relationships.
People get confusing messages about how to love. In this episode we unpack 3 ways to show love and build a stronger connection by aligning to your values, understanding love languages and responding to connection bids. Listen to this episode on “How to Show Love”.


Let's build your better relationship.

Iman Iskander is a Couples and Marriage Counsellor with a relationship therapy  practice in Sydney. She is passionate about helping couples improve their love and lives through practical, science  based  strategies that work.  She specialises in repairing a couple’s  interaction, building lasting mindful relationships and she holds engaging skill building workshops in Sydney CBD.

Iman believes that you can thrive and with each person thriving, we as a community can thrive. We are the same in our difference.

Let's build your better relationship.

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