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How to Get Your Partner to Listen | Episode 07

This episode is all about how blow-ups happen between couples. Differences between people in relationship are normal. When you want your partner or anyone at all, to attend, come closer and listen, there are important rules that you must be aware of. If you are set on winning the war, this episode won’t help, but if you want to create more bonding and a listening dynamic between you, this episode is perfect. We use George as an example of what not to do so your partner can hear you.

Let's build your better relationship.

Iman Iskander is a Couples and Marriage Counsellor with a relationship therapy  practice in Sydney. She is passionate about helping couples improve their love and lives through practical, science  based  strategies that work.  She specialises in repairing a couple’s  interaction, building lasting mindful relationships and she holds engaging skill building workshops in Sydney CBD.

Iman believes that you can thrive and with each person thriving, we as a community can thrive. We are the same in our difference.

Let's build your better relationship.

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