This workshop is a complete Self Growth Evolution. It’s about you and your development. You’ll shift from  Stuck-ness to Freedom.  Plus  you’ll learn how to stop reacting and start relating.

Understanding and managing triggers is essential for our growth and development. By knowing yourself you can take steps to become relationship ready and build happy, thriving relationships and healthy connections with others. It starts with you.

Yes  YOU  ! It’s a journey in evolution from “me to we to all of life.”

There’s no opinions and hearsay here, it’s all scientifically validated methods that work.

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Getting out of the rut and shifting to freedom for yourself and your relationship.

– The origins and principles of trigger management

– Understanding the subconscious self.

– The role of mindful awareness in being relationship ready.

You will leave with a variety of tools and resources that create a huge life shift for the better .

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Grow- Part 2

is all about being masterful in building healthy relationships.

It is about trust and building trust in relationships starts with trusting yourself.

Becoming aware of dysfunctional patterns and damaging dynamics in relationships is critical …

Why?… so you have a chance of activating an accurate response either activating boundaries, build a better bond or to recognise it’s time to exit.

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