This is a guest interview with Jason. It’s about the relationship you have with your job and the work you do. Work can and often does, form part of our identity.

For my guest Jason, he realised that his identity was associated with the people and the workplace. He even noticed repeating patterns he carried out without the presence of mind and that he had been operating in “Walking Dead” mode.

Some people are Walking Dead mode are those people are caught in a rut. They follow a pattern, of behaviour without consciousness, without awareness, doing the same thing over and over again, without really choosing how they want to be.

For Jason, when there was no more work, it was a time for deep self-reflection. He learnt that with internal stillness  we can gain great self-awareness and this leads to personal growth. Inside the mindful stillness, we get insights and awareness of our next step.

Jason learnt we can all learn to choose who we are and we get to choose and define ourselves and  “what people think of me is their business”- people’s opinions of us are really about them!

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