Relationship Review


The relationship review is the initial assessment service. Some couples opt for a review only. We start with a comprehensive review and assessment of your relationship. The history of your ‘coupledom’, your interaction and all things good and not so good…all the problems that couples face. After the assessment, we chart a way forward together and I’ll recommend appropriate services for your specific relationship.

Some conditions like infidelity are obvious but others need further exploration. Sometimes individual concerns masquerade as couple issues. Are you sad or is the relationship the cause of your mood? What is your personal history? Hobbies? Support system etc etc.

Sometimes relationship problems get misdiagnosed or get bigger and bigger when well -meaning therapists treat the symptoms and not the root cause. A comprehensive relationship Review will ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be satisfied with a doctor who dished out a diagnosis and prescription without a thorough investigation of the problem, would you? A multi-focus assessment will save loads of therapy time as we pinpoint exactly where to intervene so you get quick traction.

How does it work?

I use several different therapeutic modalities that are science based and have lots of verifiable evidence behind them. I have taken the best out of these methods to create my own way of assessing relationships. You can read about what makes my method unique here.

My assessment starts the moment you walk in. After we talk, we complete one assessment in session, that gives me and you useful information straight away.

Next, I’ll send you 3 detailed questionnaires to complete in the privacy of your own home. This will take you an hour each. Once I receive the results, I get busy with the analysis and mapping of the results.

Next comes individual interviews with each of you. This is to get your perspective and hopes and to check on your personal wellbeing. I also want to get to know you as a person.

Finally, you’re now ready to come in together to hear the results and discuss a structured plan and a way forward. In the feedback session, you’ll learn about the areas of growth for your relationship to blossom or heal and the strengths the two of you have as a couple.

You can decide to pursue relationship therapy, an intensive, or work on the issues identified your way without my help. We can talk about the tools that would give you a head start.

What about cost?

The relationship review is about 5 hours of clinical time.

The online assessment fee is $45.