Many years ago, I ran a program called “Super Kids” and it gave kids a “toolkit for life”.

…My kids were young and I was very much part of their world and I knew the joy, pain, laughter and hurt of growing up, so it was natural that I should run such a program and open it up for all kids.

The kids were open to help, their questions were full of innocence and they just wanted instructions. They wanted to follow my rules. They were trained well by the education system …. But … something was different…they really let my words in and they wanted something in return… to get a fix to a problem or some other outcome they badly wanted.

The goal setting exercise was a lot of fun!

They particularly wanted the ‘mind tools’… the games…visualisation, affirmation and activation of the brain’s right hemisphere’s creativeness to get closer to their dream. We had the aspiring dancer and footballer, the child who wanted to be class captain and the little girl who just wanted to be friends with the popular kid. Their dreams were real and their stories inspiring.

They were innocent and wanted some tools and that’s what they got.

Parents were as much students of my courses as their kids, some would hang around and watch, others devoured the workbook that was full of coloured words and drawings that the own child had produced.

The kids poured their dreams and pains into that little workbook.

The parents wanted an entry into their child’s mind and this always touched me. They wanted to get that little bit closer, even though the pre-workshop assessment with the parent, told me that they already knew what was in their child’s mind and what they needed.

…Such love, such care …… parents wanting to inch that little bit closer and give their precious child the armour that would take them forward to face life’s challenges. They wanted that “toolkit for life” even more than their child did.

The workshop was good and there were many raving fans and testimonials.

One day, there was a surprise knock at the door.

A reporter landed at the front door, unplanned and unannounced. A photographer with a lot of paraphernalia marched in behind.

I was asked questions and I answered.

This was totally out of character for me as I did not like the limelight…. But they were already here …and I was already answering questions before I even had a chance to think … ….OMG !!!….do I even want to be interviewed for a local paper?

It was done!! … all finished in 40 minutes … photos, a few statements, a brief look around and presto an article in the local paper!!!

Did they get it right??? Some, not all! There were some minor errors of facts, and the use of the word Karma was not my word… but I have that article still today and it makes me smile. Someone out there thought I was doing a good job and wanted to tell others about it. I never found out who that was, but I was told it was a parent. Thank you parent.

Now I run workshops for adults, (Mindful Self-Leadership, Unstuck and Unleashed, Total Focus and Relationship Intelligence, Wellbeing at work to name a few) and I often say “approach this workshop with a child’s mind” … participant’s may not know what that statement means to me.

I have felt the openness of the child’s mind… the ability to let new ideas in and allow them to penetrate all the way to the soul …where life and individual stories have meaning. Turning inwards and connecting with our own wisdom … that’s it! … oh!! Plus a few powerful tools to add to the life toolkit.

Life is an interesting and exciting journey… approach it with a child’s mind…. Let new ideas in… let them percolate and see how they can serve you.

…. So if you attend one of my workshops you’ll hear me say “approach this with a child’s mind” and you’ll know where that came from.

Join me,

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