The Conflict Cure

One Day workshop

Tame constant conflict and learn practical strategies to transform your communication (without letting go of what you want… even if your partner is not on board)

Book The Relationship Education Program that Uses Proven Methods from 6 Couples Therapy Modalities to transform Chaos to Calm.

Workshop Details


Friday 19th May 2023


9am- 4pm

Relationship Intelligence and Skill Building You Can Use Right Away!

This workshop is designed to foster a better way of relating. You get maximum change and personal growth, by becoming aware and cooperating with the fundamental drives of your unconscious mind.

We all want to feel safe, secure, evolved and connected. Good communication is the essential tool for finding harmony and keeping love alive.

And guess what?!

The Conflict Cure approach REALLY WORKS and it’s based on the best scientifically validated couples therapy interventions.

Relationship courses

The Conflict Cure Training Program

The Conflict Cure Process Helps Improve The Kinks In Your Communication. It Consists of Psych-Education, Fastrack Implementation plus Support. Fix Your Fights and Create Positive Change In Your Relationship. Based on the best methods used in couples therapy and with a specific focus on conflict, this one day program dissects the anatomy of conflict. You are offered step by step instructions to show you what to do, before a conversation heads south, how to keep it smooth and safe in dialogue as well as what to do if things erupt into a full blown fight. Plus you will also learn about the not so obvious reasons why conflict arises in the first place.

You will learn about yourself and gain tools and instructions for transforming your relationship into a long lasting source of love, connection and companionship.

This Program is For You If…

Conflict Resolution Workshop

You Feel Like There's Got to be a Better Way. Enough Arguing !

You’ve tried talking, avoiding and negotiating but you still feel misunderstood and dejected. You’re frustrated that simple topics lead to disastrous scenarios.

Conflict Resolution Workshop

The Thought of the Kids or Neighbours Listening Makes Your Skin Crawl!

You are an amazing role model most of the time, but your partner has a knack for triggering you. When your buttons are pushed, you lose all control, then feel guilty or sad afterwards.

Conflict Resolution Workshop

You Talk and Explain but You Don't Feel Understood and Don't Know How to Shift Things.

You don’t get what you want or need even when you’ve said it a hundred times and you really love your partner and kids but you have thought about leaving and ending the chaos because you’re at a loss as to what to do.

Yes, I Want To Learn About Relationships and
Conflict Management Skills!

"It's not simply the wealth of knowledge Iman possesses, but also how she uses this knowledge, that makes her training excellent. She seems to have a knack for showing exactly which tool to apply in each situation, and her kind and clear approach in helping me implement these techniques is a gift. The result is that I feel I have more tools and clarity …..."


What Does The Training Include?

Session 1

The Origins of Conflict – Becoming aware of your unconscious agenda and managing your triggers.

Session 2

Why personal growth matters – The development of self in relationships. The growth journey from Me to We to All. The developmental stuck points and how they devastate relationships.

Session 3

Common Patterns and Pitfalls in Relationships – Relationship Attachment styles and secure relationships. Are you anxious, avoidant or secure? How to communicate with an anxious or avoidant partner. Needs, wants and desires- how to articulate them and respond to your partner effectively

Session 4

Principles for Connecting Conversations. What to say and how to say it – Before, during and after a tough conversation. The competencies of bonding conversations. How to grow competencies and rewire your brain.

Session 5

Masterful Marriages – The absolute must -do skill and the connection move for heartfelt conversations and effective relationships. Learn the principles for bonding through words and deeds. How to have a deepening conversation.

Live Group Q&A

Q&A group coaching session online, 1 week after the training at noon. Have your questions answered or practice scripts & dialogues. You can even roleplay real-life situations if you desire…and more.

Iman Iksander Couples Therapist

Hello! I'm Iman Iskander

Couples Therapist

I am a couples therapist and I do what I do because I believe relationships make all the difference between a happy, thriving life and a life filled with despair and misery.

I am running this workshop after spending many years in front of couples in my therapy practice in Sydney where couples presented me with their problems, pain, despair, annoyance and triggers.

Attending couples therapy is hard for many people as they juggle personal and work commitments with time to attend regular sessions.

I decided to fastback our therapy work by offering the Conflict Cure Workshop as a supplement. All the education components, the exercises, worksheets and wisdom from couples therapy are packaged for you to get a head start. Of course, you can work on the exercises without couples therapy. You'll have the toolkit you need to get going. Support is here.  Reach out if you get stuck with implementation.

My Experience

20 Years Experience

I have over 20 years experience working with people on their interpersonal connections and love relationships. As a Couples Therapist and Discernment Counsellor, I get to see the relational stuck points and communication pitfalls. What I do best is help people transform their relationships, calm the conflict and a pathway to better connection. 


Did you know you can conduct couples therapy with no qualifications? I am certified by The Gottman Institute as a Certified Couples Therapist. But that's not all ! I am trained in 6 different evidence based modalities with the highest level of attainment possible. There's no mumbo-jumbo here ! just rock solid facts from Science. 

Life Experience

I have lived experience as a wife and mother and I know the highs, lows and challenges of maintaining family harmony and connection. Having held Senior Manager roles in the corporate world, I understand the competing demands, stress and the juggle of work, business, kids, family and friends and the importance of skilful, caring conversations to keep love alive.  

“It’s not simply the wealth of knowledge Iman possesses, but also how she uses this knowledge, that makes her training excellent. She seems to have a knack for showing exactly which tool to apply in each situation, and her kind and clear approach in helping me implement these techniques is a gift. The result is that I feel I have more tools and clarity ……”

More Than Just a Communication Course!

It’s Relationship Intelligence and Skill

Building For YOU!

The Conflict Cure Training Program Gives You Skills and Support in 3 Key Areas so you can Know You and Grow Your Relationship.

Grow your AWARENESS with Psych Education

Know you and your attachment style so you can grow your relationship with more confidence. Learn the facts from Developmental Science, Emotion Regulation and Attachment Theory. With Awareness, you can build a roadmap to navigate conflict.

Grow your RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE with Soothing Love Dialogues

Common and Specific conflict producing pitfalls are transformed into safe scripts and connecting dialogue. You will be supported with step-by-step approaches for all types of tricky conversations and interactions.

Grow your RELATIONSHIP SKILLS with safe, connecting communication

We all need skills. This is the workshop for communication and conflict management skills. You will  know how to deepen a conversation so you can find better connection without bickering or fighting.

Conflict Resolution Workshop
Conflict Resolution Workshop

What if you do nothing?

What is constant flighting costing you?

The silent treatment does not work. You will find that over time, the distance between you grows as you avoid each other or seethe in silence. The silent treatment rips your love apart.

Feeling anxious, tense or walking on egg shells. You will keep trying to navigate each moment waiting for the next eruption as you become more bitter and angry. How many times are you going to lose sleep or move to a different room when your partner walks in?

The children are listening (and so are the neighbours). How many REPEAT patterns will you pass on to your offspring ? the children are watching. Pass on the best lessons for their learning on relationships.

What price can you really put on your happiness and your intimate relationship ?

Workshop Details


Friday 19th May 2023


9 am- 4 pm

The Conflict Cure


  • 1-Day Live Training in Sydney
  • Worksheets and Workbook
  • Group Online Q&A Coaching Session
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the venue near parking or public transport?

The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel is located at 169 Castleargh St  Sydney. It is close to all modes of public transport. There is no free parking in the city but there are lots of paid parking stations.

Is the workshop for individuals or couples?

Individuals. Of course the two of you are welcome- or even bring a friend.

Does this workshop replace couples therapy?

There is no therapy in the workshop, it is educational and therefore it can fastrack your progress in couples therapy.

How do I get support?

There is an online group coaching and Q&A session 1 week after the workshop at noon . The details will be provided on the day.

Do I have to share my personal information or story.

This is an education program designed to give you knowledge. You don’t have to give any information. You absolutely do not have to share anything. You choose what you want to say if anything at all.

What if I book and then I can’t attend?

The cancellation policy is – 14 days for a full refund. Cancellations made within 14 days incur an admin fee amounting to 50% of the fee paid.

You may be invited to join an online program to make up for what you missed.