What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a medically sound practice for learning, growing and healing. It’s simply paying attention, in the present moment and non judgmentally. That includes awareness of your inner and outer worlds; thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions and your surroundings.

 Mindfulness brings equanimity and balance to your life. You can take better care of yourself by exploring and understanding the interplay of mind and body and mobilising your own inner resources for coping, growing and healing. It’s simple in essence and with practice it can be easy.


If you’re ready to still and focus your mind then this will work for you.
It is a skill we all can learn it just takes some practice.
In our fast-paced world, you may experience stress, tension, anxiety, emotional
turmoil, physical pain, overwhelm or bouts of sleeplessness.
Left untreated, stress will eat away at your happiness and health.
How do you reduce the impact of stress in your life?
Gain new skills for dealing with issues that arise in life, by developing new
capacities to work with whatever arises. There are more than two decades of
published research on MBSR and people who complete the curriculum report:
greater energy and enthusiasm, ability to relax, improved self-esteem and an
ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations.
MBSR has been shown to change the brains of participants by increasing areas
that are aligned with stress reduction and increasing the parts that are aligned
with stress reduction and increasing the parts that are aligned with coping
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relationship happiness and self development
relationship happiness and self development

What my clients think..

“I recently had a number of coaching/counselling sessions with Iman following the unexpected ending of a romantic relationship. I felt safe to explore my deepest vulnerabilities with Iman. I also gained perspective on how I contributed to the experiences I was having in relationships by understanding some of my subconscious patterns. Iman provided tools to assist with mindfulness and being present; and facilitated experiential exercises for diffusing emotional trauma. I would definitely recommend her coaching methods.”


“I honestly came in with no expectations but was extremely moved after just the first session. Iman got to know about me quickly and helped me realise what I needed in my life. I am forever grateful for this important change in my life and would happily recommend to anyone!”


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