Couples Counselling Intensives are a great way to immerse in the couples counselling experience, create an interrupted flow to counselling and focus on the two of you.

Leave behind the stress of your busy life and learn essential skills to make marriage work or boost an ailing relationship.

A Relationship Review is included as part of an intensive.


Couples Counselling Intensives are a powerful form of counselling that allows couples to dive deeply into one or two issues.

I use three different therapeutic modalities that are scientifically validated and have a proven record of success. I have taken the best from these methods to create my own way of conducting couples counselling intensives.


My intensive counselling model provides you with 3 choices.

Jump Start Mini Couples Counselling Intensive.

This occurs over a half day. Usually at the start of counselling or after a long break. It’s a great head start for a couple to get moving on an issue. Busy, motivated partners can use it to start strong and dig into a specific area of their relationship.

One or Two day Immersion Couples Counselling Intensive.

Here we combine skill building and issue resolution.
It’s a total immersion in the traditional therapeutic benefits of couples counselling. We work on the issue/s of your choosing and based on the results of your own Relationship Review
We agree on the areas that will provide most therapeutic benefit. The program is uniquely designed for each couple.
Be prepared to push yourself hard to create change, growth and self-evolution.
We start at 9am and finish at 4 pm.

Topic specific Couples counselling Intensives.

I know couples have different needs and grapple with different issues.

Your issues will depend on your stage of life, parenting concerns, crisis management such infidelity, or other problem that presents at the time.

I provide specialised, structured couples counselling intensive on the following issues:

1. On the brink – crisis intensives.
This is for couples on the brink of divorce and deciding whether to stay or separate. This decision can be faced at any time but it’s particularly relevant for many couples after an affair.

Restoring Relationship after Infidelity
Discovery of an affair can be a crisis in a couple relationship. There are big emotions and feelings of hurt, despair, confusion and anger. We work through a structured formula to process what happened and help you as a couple, decide the next best step including the option of stay or go- divorce decision & discernment counselling.

2. Prepare – marriage preparation Intensive.
This is a pre marriage intensive for those about to commit to each other. It allows you both to understand yourself and your partner and be prepared for the issues that may occur and come between you. Most importantly, you’ll get tools and a whole manual full of strategies that the two of you can use to build a strong and lasting life together.

3. Enrich – Parenting Intensive.
Research tells us that a couple’s bond may be stressed after a big change, such as a new baby or becoming a step parent. You can enrich and revitalise your life after a baby to keep your bond strong. This intensive is also for you if you’re becoming a step parent or joining 2 families.


Whilst couples counselling Intensives are particularly useful for people who live a long distance away, couples tell me that the continuity in this couples counselling format helps them to heal hurts, get traction and stay focused without the frustration and stop – start nature of weekly appointments. In fact many alumni of my couples counselling intensive programs report deep change and breakthroughs as a result of the work they put in.


  • You are a couple recovering from an affair or betrayal.
  • You are a couple deciding to stay together or separate.
  • You are on the brink of divorce. Have a look at ON THE BRINK INTENSIVES. To learn more.
  • You are a busy couple with limited time for weekly sessions.
  • You want to work in a time efficient way.
  • You want to go deep on one issue.
  • You need to travel a long distance, or are not in the same city or State.
  • You are frustrated with the stop – start nature of weekly sessions.
  • You welcome the idea of doing deep work within a respectful environment that understands your need for privacy.

Intensives are not for everyone!


  • There is an active addiction on the part of either or both partners.
  • If there is serious violence in your relationship or fear of such violence by one or both partners
  • If either partner has an untreated major mental health illness
  • If there is an undisclosed affair ( such secrets predict failure)
  • If there is an on-going affair that the affair partner is not willing to end
  • If either partner is currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts.


Most Intensives are held in my Sydney Office. It’s set up like a lounge room so you can feel comfortable, relax and focus on the work ahead. Away from normal pressures and responsibilities of life, you can focus on addressing whatever issue is between you in an intentional way.


  • Firstly, we embark on a free call to determine if a relationship intensive is the right fit for you.
  • Before you arrive, each person will be required to complete 3 Assessments.

I will review these prior to your arrival. They will be used to understand you and your challenges and to diagnose your couple stage. That way, I can keep the session focused on what will get you most impact.

Completing the assessments will take you one hour with another hour for me to analyse each person’s results.

  • When you arrive, we start with a grounding arrival practice and then set our joint goal and intentions for the day. The content for your intensive is crafted and tailored to address the needs of your individual situation.

Of course we have breaks throughout the day. One hour is allocated for lunch and you are invited to enjoy the café in the city location or stroll through Hyde Park which is across the road. The location is central so there are plenty of cafes and dining venues to grab a meal or drink.

I will use this time to prepare for the afternoon’s work.

  • After the session, I will follow up by phone or on line to help you maintain the gains you’ve made. Let’s keep the momentum of change going.
  • A recommended practice, after the intensive is to schedule three 90 minute follow up sessions to be held in person or on line.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter now and book an intensive counselling session.