Pre Marital Counselling For Couples

Is your partner saying NO to couples counselling?

Are you feeling unhappy?

This is for you if you’re dating or engaged and you are intending to tie the knot. Why not jump start your life together by gaining a deep understanding of yourself, each other and the bond between you.

We start with an inventory that is designed to be comprehensive, diagnostically valuable and is designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue. The idea is to find the strengths in your relationship and show you how to use these should difficulties arise, so you can get back on track fast. We look at any significant issues between the two of you, your particular relationship dynamic and how your unique personality styles work together.

This is good.
But don’t take my word for it. Jon and Lucinda had this to say-

It was my mum who recommended pre- marital counselling and I went along to please her. As we started to work with Iman, it was clear that this was so much more than I expected. I gained so many insights. This should be mandatory for every couple.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about all the counselling stuff. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout our work. I know I’m much better equipped for marriage. I learned lots.

If the idea of counselling is not for you- take a look at Make marriage work- pre marriage workshop.