You attend training for lots of things…but what about your relationships? Do you know all there is to know?

Here are 16 reasons why you need to up-skill your relationship

You will gain clarity

You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner

You will learn good communication tips and tools to improve your connection

You will understand why you judge and what that does to the listener

You will learn why you should not give advice unless you’re asked

You will be shown strategies to find your own solutions

You will gain insight into what works for you

You will learn how to listen with presence so you can hear like you’ve never heard before

You will learn the meaning of a deep personal connection

You will learn what happens when you mind read

You will gain a depth of understanding of the meaning behind human emotions

You will notice your conflict style and patterns of dysfunctional interaction

You will be empowered to make choices about how to respond in difficult conversations

You will find a safe place to express your fears and needs and learn from others

You will not be encouraged to stay or go but you will know how and why and what to choose

Gain a roadmap for your interactions and learn about how to navigate issues in your important relationships

Join me for a half-day workshop on Thursday 31st August.

You will gain insights, tools, skills for healthier relationships, and skillful interactions.

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