Cultivating loving kindness builds more acceptance.

Loving kindness is a mindfulness practice marked by acts of kindness.
It allows you to embody the qualities of love and kindness
It allows you to build compassion for yourself and others.

It reduces your bias towards others.
It allows you to perceive yourself as being connected to others and not separate.
It requires you to challenge your preconceptions, prejudices and labels about others.
Being loving and kind means extending compassion, equanimity, and humility to others.

We feel linked to others
We are able to show love and compassion.

The loving kindness meditation is for your interpersonal relations.
Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment.
Cultivating mindfulness leads to good action
It entails awareness of the quality of your own feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

Practicing mindfulness helps you to see your thoughts and feelings as ongoing events that can  be observed and analysed while keeping in mind that they are fleeting and non-permanent.

In the loving kindness mindfulness practice, you give loving kindness to a valued friend and to yourself and a beloved friend.

We practice loving kindness when we encounter a person we are angry at, so that we become more skillful at dealing with the emotion of anger.

According to the research, practicing loving kindness meditation leads to higher levels of pleasant feelings like happiness.
Would you like to increase your happiness?

Click here for your own loving kindness mindfulness practice.


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