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Connection building for long lasting relationships.

The How To Build An Emotional Connection self-paced course is a transformative learning experience grounded in science-backed techniques, honed through years of couples therapy research, and designed to elevate your ability to connect with your intimate partner deeply and meaningfully.

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It’s not just for couple relationships —it enhances all your connections

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How to Build Emotional Connection

An Online, Self Paced Learning Course for Individual Skill Building and Growth

How To Build Emotional Connection is designed to help you create a deeper connection with your intimate partner.

You will gain a toolkit of skills and strategies needed to cultivate a deeper emotional connection.

Led by an experienced relationship therapist, this course offers practical insights and actionable advice to support you on your journey towards greater intimacy and understanding.

This program is for you if...

Constant Tension

You find it hard to understand what your partner needs and you’re sick of living with constant tension.

Cultural Differences

You suspect cultural differences may be at play because you’ve tried everything they’ve asked for to make things better.


You know you’re practical and logical and your partner wants emotion so there is growing gap between you and you want to repair the disconnecion.

Finding A Solution

You are interested in growing and developing yourself, instead of blaming your partner.

Register for the How to Build Emotional Connection Self Paced Course

The “How to Build Emotional Connection” course is a transformation journey that is carefully designed to support your confidence, clarity and growth through five essential developmental steps:
Discover, Uncover, Upskill, Apply, and Anchor.

The “How to Build Emotional Connection” course is a transformation journey that is carefully designed to support your confidence, clarity and growth through five essential developmental steps:
Discover, Uncover, Upskill, Apply, and Anchor.

Here’s what you get.

1. 8 Hours of Comprehensive Training:

Grow skilful means to connection with over 8 hours of training, delivered in bite-sized pieces for your convenience. Each module is designed to provide you with practical insights and actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.

2. Reflective Exercises:

Gain invaluable insights into your inner world with our thought-provoking reflection exercises. These exercises are designed to help you explore your emotions, needs, and unique emotional style, setting the foundation for profound personal growth.

3. Psychological Education:

Benefit from evidence-based insights drawn from the field of couples therapy. Learn what works and what doesn’t, based on tried-and-tested methods that have transformed countless relationships.

4. Cheat Sheets:

Access handy cheat sheets that summarise key principles and strategies covered in the course. These concise summaries serve as quick references to reinforce your learning and guide you on your journey to deeper emotional connection.

5. Experiential Exercises:

Engage in transformative exercises designed to be completed individually or with your partner. These experiential activities provide practical opportunities to apply the concepts learned in the course, fostering deeper understanding and connection within your relationship.

It's time to embark on this journey of self-discovery and relational growth..

Enrol today and unlock the secrets to building lasting emotional connection in your relationship.

Why should you attend training with me?

I am a couples therapist and I do what I do because I believe relationships make all the difference between a happy, thriving life and a life filled with disconnection, despair and misery.

This course is crafted from first hand experiences of witnessing relationship struggles. It is offered as a beacon of hope for those seeking positive change and meaningful growth in their relationships.

I noticed that attending couples therapy is hard for many people as they juggle personal and work commitments with time to attend regular sessions.
I decided to fastback couples therapy work by offering the packing this course with the information and tools needed for individuals to get a head start and do their own work. Although it was attended as a supplement to couples therapy, people told me that it’s also a great stand-alone and in some cases it can replace the work of couples therapy.

All the education components, the exercises, worksheets and wisdom from couples therapy are packaged for you. You can work on the exercises or you can reach out if you get stuck with implementation.

Don’t let distance take over –
Enrol today and build a stronger emotional foundation for lasting love.

In case you are wondering about my credentials..

I have lived experience as a wife and a mother. I know the highs and lows and challenges.

I want you to benefit and lead your best life. That is my purpose !


FAQs for the Connection Course

Q: Who is the creator of this Course?

A: Hello! I’m Iman Iskander, a professional Couples Therapist based in Sydney with over two decades of experience guiding couples to reignite their connection and navigate through challenging relationship issues. I understand there are many people who offer guidance based on personal experiences. However, my approach is grounded in extensive professional training and scientific research.

I am trained in six models of couples therapy and am recognised as a certified therapist by the Gottman Institute and recognised under Medicare as a health provider. Beyond holding the necessary certifications and degrees to practise as a Couples Therapist, my life experience complements my science-based work, ensuring you receive professional guidance and support from someone with a solid foundation in the field.

Q: Is this course designed for individuals or should I participate with my partner?

A: This course is primarily designed for individuals, offering deep insights and strategies to enhance your emotional connection skills. However, many couples find it beneficial to go through the content together. Alternatively, you might consider sharing your results and insights with your partner. Doing so can be a fantastic way to start meaningful conversations and further strengthen your relationship.

Q: What is the format of the Course?

A: It’s online and self-paced.

Q: What is the refund policy?

We offer a one-week review period from the date of purchase for you to explore the course content. We are confident that you will find the course valuable and enriching. Please note that after this review period, refunds are not available. Should you have any inquiries during this initial week, please contact us at info@cultureofcare.com.au.

Q: What if I want more help?

You are welcome to book a session with me …go to cultureofcare.com.au and click on the “Contact” tab

At Culture of Care we’re dedicated to helping couples like you build the strong, healthy relationships they deserve. With our proven methods and support, you’ll have everything you need to create a lifetime of love, connection, and happiness with your partner.

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