If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and fix your marriage or ailing relationship, then read on…
Marriage/ relationship counselling, is for the two of you to attend sessions, with the goal of improving things.

The relationship dynamic between you may be strained for a number of reasons. Possibly, it’s from years of damage, hostility, loneliness or crises scenarios such as infidelity, or trauma. Gottman research tells us that couples wait on average 7 years before seeking counselling and that’s far too long. The sooner we start, the greater the chance of success as outlined in Does marriage counselling work?

If you want relationship recovery and repair, Then this service is for you? If you’re ambivalent not sure to stay or go, then consider starting with stay or go divorce decision and discernment counselling.

Healing the hurt happens when two people are committed and ready for sustained work.

My training is extensive …because I love learning, I pursue the most advanced training in science – based couples therapy. The therapeutic modalities I use are numerous and varied and include Gottman and the Developmental Model.

I teach Mindfulness and I practice daily, so you can expect that this will be part of my work with you because it’s how I show up- Mindfully

I am inspired by the belief that change is possible and I walk with you to create the steps to change.

Mindully yours