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Conversation with Barbe Chambliss: How To Be A Conscious Peacemaker | Episode 12

Barbe Chambliss is a professional mediator of 40 years and a couples therapist in Colorado USA. In her book Women Peace Makers. What We Have To Learn From Them, she walks us through 24 lessons from women peacemakers doing their work as well as everyday practices that anyone can integrate into their lives.

In this episode Barbe shares her insightful definitions on equality in relationships and her perspective on as an act of peace is delivered with examples from the diverse group of women peacemakers in her book.

Peacemaking starts with attending to your own inner imbalance to create a peaceful state. She includes the ingredients of justice, forgiveness plus the rule for a Respect Check: “am I helping empower this person the way I want to be empowered?. With true life stories from all over the world Barbe shows us that Conscious Peacemaking can be incorporated into everyone’s life.

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Iman believes that you can thrive and with each person thriving, we as a community can thrive. We are the same in our difference.

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