Hi, I’m Iman.

I help couples, singles and teams build better bonds and thriving relationships with couple counselling, mindfulness practices and transformational workshops for a happy, connected life and ease of being.
– Are you sick of fighting with your partner and never finding a resolution?

– Do you feel alone and disconnected even when your partner is there?


Create a successful, healthy and happy relationship

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Culture of Care is about people, peace and passion.

I’m a relationship therapist, workshop leader and mindfulness teacher.

My mission is to help people find love, repair intimate relationships, build sustainable bonds with a strong sense of self, good mental health and resilience under stress.

My goal is to offer you, practical workshops and compassionate, therapeutic counselling.

I’ve been working with people and relationships for over 20 years. My experience in corporate mental health & wellbeing, and in clinical contexts, sitting face to face with distressed individuals and couples, has fuelled my fascination and interest in the dynamics between people.

Love is not a random mystery.

Your intimate relationship doesn’t have to be a comfy friendship. You can move out of despair and disconnection and develop a close and vibrant bond.
Science gives us a practical roadmap for how to create and shape our connections and achieve deep love. The problem is we’re not taught relationship science!

Many people are lonely…

Many couples are stuck in defensiveness and distance…

Many moments are filled with chaos instead of calm…and love evaporates.

I believe knowledge is power.

That’s why I chose to use my formal theoretical knowledge, professional training, evidence-based scientific approaches, clinical skills and reflective mindfulness practices to build Culture of Care.
Culture of Care is about enabling people with focused psychological services.

You can thrive not just survive. Let me show you how…

Come to a transformative workshop or relationship counselling session.

Contact me today to see how I can help you!

Sharpen your knowledge and transform your love.


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Clients’ Testimonials

Relationship Counselling

  • Do you feel like you’re treading on eggshells, never sure how to navigate the problems between you?

  • Are you unsupported and stuck and wondering if it’s worthwhile going on?

You don’t have to go through the pain alone. Help is here.

You can start improving your relationship right now with a private counselling session for you and your partner. And relationship counselling isn’t just for couples. You can choose to work individually, to resolve your issues, focus on your own development, change your relationship or learn about finding your ideal mate.

I offer a range of specialised services for couples at all stages of their relationship development. Take a look at the range of tailored specialist service offerings here.

Relationship Review

Private Relationship Intensives

Couples / marriage counselling

Stay or go-divorce decision discernment counselling

Individual relationship counselling

Premarital Counselling

Skill building group Workshops

Counselling starts with an initial assessment. Then, we define the problem and chart a way forward together.

If you or someone you know is struggling with relationship problems, don’t hesitate to contact me. Book here for a chat to get a helping hand and build a better relationship.

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